Subscribe Star – update

Is it a real alternative to Patreon for writers?

I’m testing it out now to see how well it works with Hardcore: Qi Worlds.

At the moment subscribe star is not a good platform for writers unless they host chapters on another platform. Which some translaters do, but for this writer it’s a bridge too far.


As of the writing of the post Scribblehub is a few weeks old. I think it launched on the 6th of January 2019, or close to this date, and can be found at the below address.

It is web serial hub for authors and readers similar to Royal Road or Watthub but with its own unique platform. It comes from the same people who run/own Novel Updates.

The top novels have in the range of 70k to 100k views, which is good considering the amount of time. These web serials were already available on other platforms whether it was reddit or RR, They are not new stories.

Where webnovel is advertising itself on youtube. I am not sure if the other platforms advertise themselves at all.