The Threadmistress and the Teddy Bear


It is hard to write a synopsis without creating spoilers.

What to expect?

Its a novel with heroes, villains and Superpowers in an alternate Earth. The setting is 2024 with similar tech and culture to the real world but with the massive historic twist which can impact parts of society massively and leave others unchanged.

A main part of the plot will revolve around mysteries. In both the daily life and the underlying theme.

The heroine is smart but starts off weak. I hate wishy-washy MCs and dumb MCs with incredible luck. Expect smart MC (not genius) who grows in ability but is not OP. They will always have a weakness. In fact, all heroes and villains have at least one weakness.

This story is nothing like the others I have created. Aside from the fact its Skully writing it. There are elements in it from what I have learned which do not exist in my other stories. Some of the best parts of Daedalus are recreated here and I will endeavour to improve my antagonist writing.

The hero is a heroine. I am comfortable enough with my masculinity and experience in writing female characters to do pull this off. I am hopeful it appeals to both male and female readers.

Minimal romance, maybe some flirting and overtures. No romance has been planned at this stage, but I let characters follow their own path and sometimes that do what they want and !@## the plot.

Of course, I am inspired by things like Hero (Boku no) Academia, Marvel, DC, Heroes and movies like Ted and Netflix series Happy. But to my knowledge, there is nothing like this story anywhere.

This story is currently found on Webnovel

An updated version is on Wattpad with Youtube animated audiobook embedded.